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Japan holds first evacuation drill to prepare for North Korean missile

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Japan holds first evacuation drill to prepare for North Korean missile
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Oga, Japan (CNN)

The children are playing duck-duck-goose with their teacher outside their elementary school when the siren suddenly blares.

On cue, teachers and students drop to the ground and wait for further instructions.

“This is a drill,” a voice echoes over a loudspeaker across this small coastal town.

“A missile has been launched.”

Moments later, the entire school body runs from the athletic field into the school gym. They are joined by elderly volunteers, who line up in rows next to the children seated quietly on the wooden floor.

This is Japan’s first evacuation exercise preparing for the scenario of a North Korean missile attack against this country.

“A missile fell about 20 kilometers off the coast of Oga inside territorial waters,” says another loudspeaker announcement.

“The damage is still unknown so please remain sheltered inside the gym.”

At the completion of the drill, a government official thanks participants in the gym, while carefully avoiding specific mention of North Korea.

“The government is doing its best to be amicable to the countries so that the country would not shoot a missile,” says chief Cabinet counselor Atsushi Odani.

“If they shoot a missile, self defense forces will try to shoot them down,” he adds, referring to the Japanese armed forces.

Source: CNN


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